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Squandering Billions - Health Care in Canada

For Canadians

Universal health care frees all citizens and residents from fear of a health-related economic catastrophe, but the cost is a monopoly controlled by bureaucrats, the medical establishment, hospital administrators and pharmaceutical companies. Waiting lists for surgery are shockingly long and Canadian provinces are each approaching health costs consuming 50 per cent of annual budgets.

For Americans

The U.S. spends vastly more per capita on health than whatever nation is in distant second place, yet the country's ranking among world nations in health statistics is within a cluster of third world countries, dead last among first world democracies. The 40-50 million uninsured Americans, along with likely an equal number of underinsured citizens, are the only people in the civilized democratic world who live in constant fear of an economic catastrophe related to health care.

See: The Issue

ADVERSE EVENTS - The only health issue that is outpacing the staggering cost of pharmaceuticals is the tragedy of adverse events caused by the medical system - 10 times as many people are dying as a result of medical misadventures than crime and motor vehicle accidents combined. MORE

THEY JUST DON'T GET IT - Gary Bannerman suggests that none of the American Presidential candidates have the slightest comprehension about what is necessary to achieve universal health care MORE

AMERICAN THINK TANK SLAMS HEALTH SYSTEMS of U.S. and CANADA - A survey of more than 6,000 doctors in seven countries gave Canada poor marks on several aspects of patient care, including wait times for tests, use of electronic medical records, doctors available after hours, multi-discipline teams to treat chronic illness and financial incentives for improving quality of care. The survey suggested Canada has a long way to go on many fronts to catch up with the other countries, which included the United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Germany. MORE


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